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Therapy Programmes

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Self-Reparenting Programme

Our upbringing and relationships with our parents shape who we are.

A good foundation is priceless and can leave one confident, self-assured and emotionally balanced.

Factors like covert neglect, mismatched expectations, insults and excessive criticism can mean that one grows to be more prone to low moods, co-dependent relationships, people-pleasing, low self-worth, over-indulgence, deprivation, struggling to recognise one's own needs, self-sabotage and poor emotional regulation.

If you feel that your relationship with your parents has impacted your self-view and subsequent interactions then this programme is for you!

Over these 5 sessions we will look at how you can move away from the psychological hold that negative interactions with your parents have over you and you will move into a mindspace where you centre your own needs and voice.

Individualised Sessions




5 Session pack

Valid for 15 weeks

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