"Lafiya" loosely translates to "overall vitality/well-being" in Yoruba (Alafia) and Hausa, languages that originate in West Africa and are commonly spoken in Nigeria. Lafiya Health was established with the intent to talk about issues that have an effect on physical and mental health within black communities. A lot of issues disproportionately impact people with African and Caribbean ancestry, some reasons are genetic, but majority are due to systematic, cultural and social influences - this platform was created to form a "hub" for these discussions. Being black in Britain is a unique experience, and often, the generic lens is not quite fitting - which leaves space for exclusion. Lafiya Health aims to create informative, inclusive and relatable content to connect people of Afrrican and Afro-Caribbean descent.

Experienced/qualified Lafiya Health representatives are available for speaking engagements with the resources and skill to share information about a range of issues at events (including religious institutions). For enquiries, please contact: info@lafiyahealth.co.uk

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