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Our First Event: Lafiya Lounge!

For the first time ever we will (FINALLY) be hosting an event! The event will be centred around providing education about physical and mental health issues in a fun and interactive way! There'll be games, prizes, professionals, open discussions and plenty of opportunities to meet new people!

Themes of the day will include discussing stigma, coping mechanisms, the education/work-life balance, how we can help those around us and how to access services when necessary.

I am really excited to expand the platform to reach to people in this way. Although I have spoken at many events, orchestrating an event to reflect the work here is extremely important to me and I am committed to making it an eventful, memorable and fun day!

I have been meaning to host an event for sooooooo long, but I have been so anxious and busy, but nonetheless finally our team have managed to pull it off! Your support would be much appreciated!

I look forward to more growth from this platform :)

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