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Lafiya Lounge Highlights

So... if you weren't already aware, we threw our first ever event and it was a SUCCESS! Lafiya Lounge was designed to be space for African/Caribbean Brits to learn about mental/general health, network and have fun - thanks to our friendly participants and dedicated team, it was exactly that!

From networking opportunities, to health checks, art appreciation, food, interactive talks and educational games, Lafiya Lounge was the place to be!

The vibrant atmosphere meant that it was easy for people that came alone to participate and enjoy. To ease everyone in, there were a few starter activities and to further break the ice, I hosted a few competitive (and educational) games. We were joined by guest speakers that gave us different perspectives about matters: Oriana (@RianaRiya) talked to us about the therapeutic benefits of art; Kojo (@KojoStein) read poetry and discussed the struggles he faces as a creative; Nunya (@TBHer_) shared her experiences growing up with mental health problems and how she currently navigates. From there we had an intermission where there was an opportunity to network, engage in starter activities previously missed out on and eat some YUMMY jollof rice! After the intermission, we had a talk from Joy (@JoyABell) - a registered pharmacist who gave us more information about her role and health problems that specifically affect the black community. Darrell (@maximumvand) he is a psychological wellbeing practitioner so gave us useful information about accessing psychotherapy and what kind of help an IAPT service is equipt to provide. Throughout the evening, there were prizes to be won, laughter and the opportunity for members of the audience to contribute and ask questions.

I would like to take the time to appreciate everyone that came and made it that much more special! If you couldn't make it, don't worry, word on the street is that something else is cooking up!

But don't just take my word for it, have a look at the images and highlight video too!

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