Low-Cost Talking Therapies!

As it's World Mental Health day, we encourage our readers to make sure that everyone around them is able to access mental health services with ease and without the fear of judgement.

Book an appointment with your GP to discuss any mental concerns you may be having, your GP service works in conjunction with many mental health services and can refer you to somewhere appropriate.

For stress, depression and anxiety, the NHS offer a FREE service called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). Each Trust has a different name for it but you can google it by typing your local area followed by the word "IAPT" - they offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which works by helping you to understand how your thoughts, feeling and behaviours interact so that you can help yourself to take in external matters in less distressing ways. This service can be accessed via your GP but many also offer self-referral services too!

While it is a great initiative, in congested areas such as London, waiting lists can take months and when going through stressful situations, this may be very challenging to deal with.

Taking this into account, we have compiled a list of low-cost private psychotherapy practices in London:

1. Camden Listening and Counselling Centre


Located in Camden Town

Offer once weekly sessions for between 12-24 sessions

Free initial consultation, then low-cost fee agreed during the first session

2. The Fairbridge Clinic at the Association for Group and Individual


Located in Archway

Offer twice weekly psychotherapy for a minimum of two years (sometimes weekly psychotherapy is also possible).

Initial Consultation fee is £35, session fee ranges from £8 to £18 per session.

3. The Bowlby Centre Blues Project


Located in Shoreditch

Offer twice weekly sessions for at least 2 years

Initial Consultation fee is £25, then as low as £6.50 per session

4. Low Cost Clinic at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation


Located near London Bridge

Offer Long Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT), Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, short-term Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Group TherapyInitial Consultation fee is £45, then £20 per session

5. Low-Fee Psychotherapy scheme at the Arbours Association


Located in Hornsey, nearest tube Turnpike Lane

Offer twice weekly psychotherapy

Sessions cost between £5 and £15, according to what you are able to afford.

6. Highbury Counselling Centre


Located near Highbury and Islington tube

Offer one hour sessions on a weekly basis for a period up to 6 months. Initial consultation fee of £10

Session fees are a donation based on capacity to contribute on a sliding scale.

7. Inner City Centre


Located in Queen’s Park, NW6

Offer long term, open-ended individual psychotherapy, brief focused therapy, group therapy and couple therapy

Fees between £15 to £25

8. The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis Low Fee Scheme


Located in Maida Vale

Offers five times weekly psychoanalysis for a minimum of two years

Fees are according to the person’s means, usually with a minimum of £5 per session

*Please note that some of these schemes are limited and are subject to availability.

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