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What's your attachment style?

  • Anxious/Preoccupied?
  • Avoidant/Dismissive?
  • Disorganized Fearful-Avoidant?
  • Or secure?


Learn to identify features of yourself and your upbringing and how that may shape how you relate to others.


To grow up mentally and relationally healthy, a child needs to experience a responsive, warm, intimate, and continuous relationship with an adult in early life. This adult then becomes the blueprint from which the child can navigate the world. With staggered responsiveness, reliance can dither and therefore the child may grow up to be tentetive or dependent in future connection-building.


This 18-page digital document is a guide to support people to feel more understanding of their cyclical habits in relationship-building, whilst empowering them to move towards a more secure means of attachment!






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Attachment and Building Security

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